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TheOne course is a 720 hour life skills training program that takes you from principles to practice. It is a self-directed educational program. This means you determine the rate at which you learn. Education is not free however it is very affordable. All we offer is an education. This is not the kind of education you invest in to get a better job. This is something you learn to get a better life. What we show you is how.



TheOne is training for life.

Training for the formation of adherents of Natural Spirituality
Formation is a personal and spiritual process

TheOne is a training program for adherents of the agnostic spirituality path, Natural Spirituality. Natural Spirituality is drawn from a connected body of rational precepts derived from observable phenomena and systematically classified under a framework of models. Natural Spirituality is a religion but it has no god to fear, no guru to follow, no scripture to obey and no story to believe in. Natural Spirituality is based on easily observable precepts that can be reached by any rational person. It is elegantly simple and yet deeply profound.

Who for

TheOne is an agnostic spiritual path.

prerequisite Ethos & Religare
AGE: 18 yrs [16 with parents permission]

TheOne is for anyone wanting a modern complete, cohesive and comprehenisive world-view. It is for the person who prefers a modern way to make sense of the human spirituality. The course shows you how to restore spirituality to your daily life without fear and fanaticism, myth and magic, god or gurus and without a belief in the supernatural.


TheOne is an education not indoctrination.

prerequisite Ethos & Religare
AGE: 18 yrs [16 with parents permission]

TheOne is an educational process, a journey, that transforms your experience of life by upgrading the models you use to make sense of your experience of life. Natural Spirituality is a complete body of knowledge that includes an epistemology, ontology, a philosophy, a framework and methodology for the experience of life. Training in TheOne is a viable means to a cohesive, comprehensive, culturally independent, and modern world-view.


It is an upgrade the operating system of your brain

No one can tell you if Natural Spirituality is right for you
This is something you must figure out for yourself.

Intrapersonal intelligence is a deeper understanding of yourself. The ideas, concepts, and attitudes that you depend on to make sense of the world are the source of what you are able to understand and accomplish and that determines how you live. Once you make a core transformation from toxic belief systems then you are then able to realize the life you want to live.

What you get

The ProGymNasta

The Progymnasta is a set of core cognitive skills that form a platform for our frameworks. It will enable you to take all that you have learned and turn it into a life practice that you can use every day for the rest of your life.

Que Weltanshauung

Your world-view is literally the architect of your experience. Natural Spirirituality is a complete philosophy that answers the questions of who am I, where am I going, what am I to do, and how to do that for yourself. 


Natural Spirituality has no official scripture. In can be said that Natural Spirituality is not about "his" story it is your story. Mythos helps you understand the sacred framework in which your life is occuring.


The Que do not pray, open chakras, petition gods, align energy fields or any such thing. The Art of Liturgy shows you how to build liturgical practice. This will prepare you to bring sacred moments to your life

Ars Imaginari

The Art of Imagination. Natural Tools are a set of mental processes that the Que use to manifest change. Learning to use your imagination as a tool is an invaluable skill that directly affects your life.


The Art of Magic. Magic as we use it means to get the results you intended. The Art of Magic is an approach to the structure of communication. Natural Mages specialize in the use communication.


TheOne is a deeply personal spiritual journey. This kind of personal development training is designed to be ideal for pre-college education but it is practical enough for post-college education. TheOne requires 900 hours of instruction and that takes you from principles to practice. This is a self-directed curriculum, that means you decide how long it takes. TheOne has only one price, and save for meals, room & board, it includes everything you need. You can do it part-time or full-time and you can take any class as many times as you like. TheOne has a Curriculum (theory), Practicum (practice) & Sacramentum (sacred rites). There are conceptual frameworks you will need to discover, discuss and comprehend. There are activities you will need to participate in and there are personal sacred rites and rituals that you will learn and practice. The schedule will change depending on your choices but conceptually your typical day looks like this.


Morning Yoga/Tai Chi, that will help you start your day.

THEORY-90 mins

Concepts, principals and theory are taught in the morning


The conversation aspect of the instruction happens over lunch.


Free time . A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon


Application, frameworks, methodology and practices.


Meditation helps digest the day's learning and expand the mind


Dinner is a group event where most of your learning happens.


A structured sacred process for sharing your journey.

UNiversity Que [unique]




18 Years of Age (16 with written parents permission)

English Language Speaking

No criminal background -(except -non-violent offenses, traffic tickets, etc)

Successful Completion of Religare & Ethos Courses