The Path to Consecration is an 65/hr 8 week prepratory course. Consecration is a sacred ritual that publicly declares and celebrates the commitment, by an adherent of the agnostic path Natural Spirituality, to thier own personal evolution. Consecration is a solemn vow to abandon all else and embrace the theological doctrine of human liberty. Think of Consecration as the Natural Spirituality version of baptism or ordinance in other religions.


WhAt is it

Consecration is a sacred rite of Natural Spirituality.

it is a life long commitment to guide your life by certain principles
consecration is a spiritual and social process

The Path to Consecration is a preparatory course in the LexQue (formal declaration of beliefs).The Path to Consecration culminates in the Consecration Ceremony where an adherent appears before witnesses sky-clad and take the Eternal Vow, and agree to adhere to the Covenant of Fellowship, and so declare their values to be truly and sincerely held.

Who for

Consecration is a sacred personal commitment.

prerequisite Ethos & Religare
AGE: 18 yrs [16 with parents permission]

Upon completion of theOne course one can be a solitary practitioner or join a fellowship. Consecration is required to join a fellowship. Consecration is an elective step that one can take anytime after completion of the Religare and Ethos.

The Process

Truly and Sincerely Held Convictions

prerequisite Ethos & Religare
AGE: 18 yrs [16 with parents permission]

The Church of Natural Spirituality is a member supported organization. Upon successful completion the candidate appears before the Council of the Que Fellowship they wish to join, for examination. There they must demonstrate a competent grasp of the Eternal Vow and the LexQue. Should the Council of a Que Fellowship and the resident MaiJai be satisfied that the candidate, is compotent to make a commitment and is sincere in their commitment, a Sacrae Divinitatis Licentiatus (License in Sacred Divinity) is issued. There is a formal ceremony called the Consecration Ceremony, where the vetted adherent is officially recieved by the fellowship and so is approved for membership.


To insure the integrity of the teaching

to keep the fellowship holy and undefiled
to protect the investment of the community

This is "not" a believe or burn kind of thing. It is a choice to personally evolve. Consecration is about the adherent owning his or her choice. The Que are not made. No one can make you Que. The Que are forged through a process called formation. Consecration is about making a commitment to allow that process to occur. Natural Spirituality is a modern religion specifically engineered for an information society. It was built for a post-agricultural, post-industrial world. Consequently, we have made a core departure from humanism and idealism. Every adherent is required to fully comprehend the philosophical foundations of the tenets. Put simply, you must not only know what we do and how we do it, but it is mandatory that you know why we choose to do it this way. Consecration is about accepting and acknowledging this.

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Natural Spirituality

Natural Spirituality is an agnostic spiritual path that brings a modern sensibility to human spirituality.