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It is rare that something original comes along; most of what passes for spiritual insight is just a new spin on the same old mystery. This is different from the ground up.

SINCE 1999

Natural Spirituality is an agnostic spiritual path that brings a modern sensibility to human spirituality. NS has no god to fear, no guru to follow, no scripture to obey. It has nothing old or new to believe in. It is based on easily observable precepts that can be reached by any rational person. The teaching is elegantly simple but deeply profound.


God is only god until you no longer need it. Our ancestors didn't know about DNA, or even that they lived on a planet. Existence was a mystery to them. They did the best they could with what they had. Why use a 6th century model of the human experience and live in the 21st Century, just because that is what you were taught? There is a better way.


To live a better life and leave behind a better world.

This is not a convert or be condemned or a believe or burn, kind of thing. No forgiveness is needed because there is no one here to condemn you. The quality of your life comes from the quality of your thinking. Change your model and you will change your world.

Who is this for

Anyone 16 or older can train in Natural Spirituality but this is not for everyone. Much like learning Kung Fu, this requires a major personal commitment. If you can accept that you are not a supernatural being having a human experience; If you are serious about making a lasting change, then Natural Spirituality can show you how to do this for yourself.

How it works

You get Natural Spirituality by taking TheOne course. There are no levels. One course at one price that takes you from principles to practice. Education is not free. There is financial assistance for those who qualify. This is not the kind of education you get to get a better job. This is something you learn, in order to live a better life. Think life skills college.


Natural Spirituality (1999) stands as a distinct religion, completely unaffiliated with any other religion, denomination, therapy group, psychology, ethnic group, charity, political group, or organization. It is a unique entity, emphasizing a modern understanding of human spirituality and encouraging the development of personal spiritual practices.

Central to its philosophy, Natural Spirituality has: no deity to worship, no guru to follow, no savior to revere, no scripture to obey, no cult-ural component, no his-story to accept. There is a clear absence of supernatural, alien, extra-dimensional, or otherworldly elements, in it's teaching. This is a humanistic and human-centered religion. This non-supernatural approach is grounded in a framework of rational precepts, all derived from observable phenomena and systematically organized into models. It's a religion based on easily observable, rational principles accessible to anyone.

The teaching is a sacrament for living, Natural Spirituality therefore rejects concepts like an afterlife, resurrection, reincarnation, or regeneration. It focuses solely on the present human experience.

The Church of Natural Spirituality, upholding this ethos, possesses no ethical authority and maintains neutrality in political matters, holding no official stances or opinions.

In essence, Natural Spirituality is a personal spiritual practice. What the religion does is show you how to do this for yourself. We are educators helping people who choose to learn a modern way of understanding human spirituality to build a personal spiritual practice.


Bringers of Lore

We are educators helping people build a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Our Blog

The Que Fellowship

The church of Natural Spirituality is not a place of worship. It is a cognitive care facility.

To effect change in their life the Que do not hope and pray, cast spells, petition the supernatural or use any kind of wishing craft. The Que use precise cognitive processes that produces measurable results. The church is a place to fellowship, learn, practice and train. The Que Fellowship is a refuge from the irrational.



The Church of Natural Spirituality, called A Que Fellowship, consists of three facilities: Uni-Que Dojo - A life skills college, The Collective - a monastery for teachers and students, and the Sanctuary - a place for the practice. The member-supported Church requires consecration, a formal sacred rite, for membership.

The Church

No one can tell you if Natural Spirituality is right for you. If it is, then you already know it.

If you want it then you will find a way. If it is not for you then any excuse will do. It is a choice and a calling. It is not something you convert to or someone convinces you of or sells you on.

We are looking for people who are looking for us.

Most people hope for and dream of a better world. We have begun construction.

Natural Communities

A Natural Community is an intentional community, You don’t buy a house here, you purchase a share. You get food, housing, education and energy for life. It centers on permaculture-style food production, ensuring it is entirely organic and adheres to a zero-waste, carbon-neutral and self-sufficient, generating its own energy to operate off-grid.

Why Dwell

We began with a simple idea, sustainability isn’t a technology problem. It’s a people problem. A way of life that depends on infinite economic growth by turning finite resources into trash, is an unrealistic value proposition. No technology can solve that. The only viable solution to building a sustainable community is to upgrade the people.

Fringe 2025
A Natural Community

Fringe is an eco project that was made for and kept by The Que.
A sane place to call home outside the matrix.
1For the Que

Fringe is owned and operated by a religious organization for providing housing exclusively to their members.

2For a Home

The economics work differently. You don’t buy a house, you buy a share and contribute 10 hrs work to your community, weekly.

3For Work

Start over with a modern foundation built for an information society. Do what you love you will never work a day in your life.

4For a Life

This is not a lifestyle. This is a life plan. Fringe is not a hippie farm. This is an information society from the ground up.


How do I get to Fringe, if I can't afford to buy a share?

Teachers are our most valuable resource and shares are reserved for teachers. Dedicating your life to a higher purpose doesn’t have to mean being locked away in a monastary waiting for the world to change. Our monastic tradition is different from the ground up.

The One Course

Natural Spirituality has only one course, aptly called TheOne.

An adherent of Natural Spirituality is referred to as a Que, with the plural being The Que. To become Que, one must undergo training in a specific body of knowledge and become consecrated. TheOne Course takes you from principles to practice. There are no levels. You do this to develop a personal spiritual practice that significantly enhances your quality of life. Think of this as a profound experience at a life-skills college rather than a church.

The Path

To become Que you must awaken and become. How you do this cannot be said. It can only be done. All we can do is show you how. All the religion is offering is an education nothing more.



Ethos is a 15-day silent retreat where you can learn about NS. No one can tell you if this is right for you. Only you can decide what you are going to know about yourself and how you are going to live. Ethos is where you kick the tires and see if this path is right for you. Think a silent vacay where you explore your own natural spirituality.



Now more than ever it's important to understand religion, not just your religion or lack thereof, but all religions. The Religare is a tool that can help you do that. The Religare won't give you answers. It is about how to ask the right questions. The Religare is a course that will help you form a clear understanding of any religion.



Greek for "preliminary exercises." If you knew how to learn what could you not learn? Being Que is a quality of mind that comes from possessing an Uncommon Sense. The Progymnasta is an ancient training system infused with critical thinking that is foundational in acquiring this quality of mind.

The Path

Spend a year of your life doing what others won't,
so you can spend the rest of your life living like others never imagined.



TheOne is a 900-hour life skills training course that includes a Curriculum (theory), Practicum (practice) and a Sacramentum (sacred rites). It requires a coach and both classroom, Dojo and one-on-one training. Tuition includes room and board. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.



The Que are not made they are formed. Formation is a deeply personal spiritual journey that culminates in the baptismal rite of Consecration. In order to join a fellowship you must be consecrated. This is a modern ritual that affirms your commitment to proper care of the self.


We are insanely busy with the construction of Fringe. Go Ahead and Drop us a message!

Forgive us if we take a little while to get back to you. Know that we will.