Nestled in a lush, 20-acre woodland, the Seminary Que emerges as a bastion of serenity and spiritual evolution. Spanning 12,000 square meters, this sanctuary offers a transformative realm for those dedicated to the path of Natural Spirituality.Seminary Que is not just a structure but a journey into the depths of the human spirit. Its minimalist exterior belies an interior rich with Roman grandeur and Zen minimalism, a harmonious blend of two philosophically profound worlds.

1. Cleanse: Purification The Cleanse Spa at the temple complex is a sanctuary dedicated to the rejuvenation of the body and the spirit. Upon entering, guests are greeted by the Unique Hall, where the walls themselves narrate the hero's journey, carved in exquisite detail, inviting reflection on life's path as one moves through the space. The soft amber lighting enhances the intricate artwork, creating a warm ambiance that guides visitors to a state of serenity. This journey of cleansing begins with purifying showers, where the tactile sensation of river rocks underfoot roots one firmly in the present moment, leading to the steam and sauna rooms. These spaces act as private havens of warmth, their walls reverberating with the echoes of ancient calls to adventure.

As the experience unfolds, the Unique Lounge offers a visual and sensory pause, with its tranquil water features and lush greenery that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Comfortable seating allows for moments of solitude or communal solace while gazing upon the peaceful garden. The culmination of the journey is the fellowship pool, a majestic space reminiscent of ancient Roman baths, where the interplay of light and water creates a tapestry of reflections. The high ceilings and classical frescoes speak to the timeless nature of the quest for inner peace, while the pool itself beckons with its still, inviting waters. Here, amidst the echoes of history and the stillness of the water, the soul finds its cleanse, completing the transformative cycle of the spa experience..

2. Gather: Communal Harmony and Learning The Gather space at the temple complex is an embodiment of tranquility and thoughtful design, purposefully crafted to foster both individual reflection and communal exchange. The Unique Coffee Shop, with its towering book-lined walls and a central bar bathed in the soft glow of overhead lighting, offers a sumptuous haven for conversation and contemplation. Here, amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the quiet rustle of pages turning, the mind is both relaxed and invigorated.

The journey continues through the Unique Shop, where the minimalist elegance of the merchandise harmonizes with the spiritual ethos of the temple. Functional yet graceful, the items are displayed in an environment that echoes the simplicity and warmth of traditional craftsmanship. The quiet coworking space, nestled within this enclave, is not merely a place to work but a retreat for the cultivation of the mind and spirit. As patrons transition to the Unique Tea Bar, they are steeped in an atmosphere where the temple's singular magic permeates every sip of tea, every moment of stillness, fostering clarity, creativity, and a profound sense of connectivity to the greater journey of self-discovery.

3. Dwell: Monastic Residences for Reflection The Dwell area within the temple complex is a sanctuary for growth, learning, and peaceful living, designed for those who commit themselves to the path of enlightenment within the Collective. The Unique Dining Room is an exemplar of this commitment, blending the sacred and the communal in its design that features classical columns and a serene Buddha statue overseeing the communal tables. The careful placement of greenery and stones indoors mirrors the balance and harmony that the Qmystics seek to achieve in their lives.

In contrast, the Unique Informal Dining space offers a more intimate setting, where simple wooden furniture and ample natural light invite honest conversations and quiet contemplation. The Unique Dwell Kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a warm aesthetic, stands ready to nourish the body as well as the spirit, embodying the temple's commitment to service and self-sufficiency. Lockers, lounges, and living spaces throughout the Dwell area are crafted with a minimalist touch, emphasizing the importance of both community and personal space, where every detail from the novice capsules to the master suites is thoughtfully designed to foster the spiritual and practical education of the inhabitants.

4. UniQue: The Pinnacle of Spiritual Learning UniQue, the University of the Que, is the educational pillar within the Seminary complex, a place where the fusion of architectural serenity and pedagogical purpose come to life. Its interiors, marked by the warm wooden tones and contemplative spaces, are designed to channel the temple's guiding principle of harmony between the self and the natural world. The Unique Baptismal, a place of reflection and commitment, is a physical embodiment of this principle, inviting adherents to pledge themselves to a life of liberty and service amidst a tranquil setting that mirrors the temple's spiritual ethos.

The classrooms at UniQue are more than learning spaces; they are sanctuaries of enlightenment where the temple's singular course, TheOne, unfolds over two years. Here, students embark on a personal journey of growth, crafting their individual spiritual practices within these walls adorned with symbols of the temple's wisdom. These spaces host the sacred work of the Qmystics, as they train to become the spiritual guides of tomorrow, ready to impart the rich teachings of TheOne and uphold the temple's dedication to nurturing the collective spirit and intellect.

The Essence of Seminary Que The Seminary Que, ensconced within verdant woodlands, is a monument to human liberty, a testament to the transformative journey of Natural Spirituality. More than its minimalist façade, the temple is an interweaving of Roman splendor and Zen simplicity, offering a sanctuary where purification, learning, and community converge. Each space within its bounds – from the cleansing spa to the communal Gather areas, the monastic Dwell residences, and the pinnacle of spiritual learning at UniQue – is crafted to foster enlightenment through serene introspection and collective harmony. This temple stands not only as a physical space but as an evolving narrative of human potential and spiritual ascendance, marking its ground as a unique confluence of philosophy, architecture, and human aspiration.


Seminary Que

The Seminary is a facility of the Que Collective, a religious order. The Que Collective is the monastic branch of an agnostic religion called Natural Spirituality. The Collective is a modern monastic tradition. Members of a Collective are called Qmystics (Mystics of the Que). A Qmystic is a monk or nun that takes religious vows. Their objective in life is to learn, grow, and teach a body of knowledge called Natural Spirituality, which brings a modern sensibility to human spirituality. Traditionally, belonging to a religious order means taking vows and living communally in isolated seclusion to pursue religious devotion. Like any religious order, the Que Collective requires vows of poverty, fidelity, obedience, sobriety from its members, in order to attend seminary. The difference in our tradition is that the Seminary's monastic path is to be an educator and coach. It prioritizes knowledge and education over seclusion, where being professional educators with a unique body of knowledge, helping people build a foundation for life. The Collective's sole financial and social function is to provide teachers of Natural Spirituality, thus maintaining the integrity of their teachings free from personal economic motives. Teaching is a calling, not just a career or job. By removing personal economic gain, this ensures the integrity of the teachings. It is for men and women who want to dedicate their existence to the selfless service to humanity.