Phase one focuses on the manufacturing and logistics of delivering, what is the foundation of a Natural Life.


Lay The Foundation

The foundation of a Natural Life is art and educators. The Collective recruit educators. Uni-Que is a school that trains modern monks and nuns from the collective, who will staff the temples. While our automated manufacturing facility produces the art.


As I enter the temple, a serene elegance engulfs me. From the reception to the hallway, the hero's journey etched on walls reminds me: the destination is the journey. I transition through purifying showers, river rocks underfoot grounding me, to the sauna's, to warm sanctuary, where i sit, as the walls echo the call to adventure. I find solace in the lounge.


  1. Cleanse - steam, sauna, sit, pool, lounge
  2. Gather - Reception, Shop, Tea & Coffee Bar, Coworking
  3. Dwell - 10 + 24 rooms, Showers, Lockers, Lounge, Dining x2, Kitchen.
  4. UniQue - Baptismal, Strech, Sit, Lecture Hall, Classrooms, Garden


The store equipes you for a journey of self discovery, marrying function with elegance. The Walls are adorned with the temple's spiritual ethos. The Co-working space is quiet, a space designed not just for work, but for the cultivation of the mind and spirit.The quiet coworking nurtures clarity and creativity. And in the library, the tea bar steeps you in Uni-Que's singular magic.


UniQue is a place to gather, to learn, to share, to meditate and make sacred personal care of the human cognition.


Most religions regret and condemn being human. Natural Spirituality is the opposite of this. We celebrate humanity.


From novice seeker to apprentice learner to master guide, we earn enlightenment through service in the Collective. Qmystics, members of the collective, take vows. This doesn't mean being confined to a dim monastery. Instead, our vows liberate us to serve and teach others to thrive. The Temple Dwell embodies this vision.


Capturing humanity's divinity in art remains our greatest challenge as we build this unprecedented humanistic temple.


The Seminary of Natural Spirituality that provides the teachers and the manufacturing facilites that create the art.


Natural Spirituality has only one course: TheOne. A two year curriculum that takes an adherent from principles to practice. The adherent develops their own personal practice with what works for them. Learning to teach this course and to perfom the rituals of the religion is the sacred work of the Qmsytics.



Currently recruiting, staffing and training for 2025 opening.

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