A Vowed Life

A Vowed Life

To become a teacher of Natural Spirituality is a serious life long commitment. To join you have to dedicate your life to living a vowed life. This means showing up naked, leaving everything behind, shaving your head and taking some very serious vows. This is obviously not for everyone. It is a humanistic path for those who are looking for that sort of thing.

The Que Collective is a religious order founded on the principles of human liberty, for the singular purpose of providing an education in a body of knowledge called Natural Spirituality. Members of a Collective are called Qmysitic. Being a Mystic of the Que is an alternate lifestyle. We are educators committed to helping people learn a body of knowledge called Natural Spirituality, which forms a foundation for the rest of their lives.

The Que Collective is a unique group that focuses on something called Natural Spirituality. Think of it like a special kind of school where members, called Qmystics, learn to be teachers and live by special rules. It's not just about going to a kind of church; it's about living a certain way and teaching others about this modern way of looking at spirituality. This lifestyle is not an escape from the world but a conscious decision to live differently, actively contributing to a community while experiencing personal and spiritual growth.

Being a Qmystic isn't like a regular job. It's a big commitment and needs you to be really dedicated. Imagine choosing a life where you're not chasing money or fame, but instead, you're teaching and helping others and living by values that are important to you. Living a vowed life in the Que Collective is fundamentally a life of service to humanity.

Que Collectives tend to have a very good quality of life. In Natural Spirituality, the purpose of life is to thrive. However, this lifestyle is not free. It requires complete commitment, dedication, sincerity and sacrifice. In our tradition our teachers not entertainers are the most important people in our community. It is teachers who shape the future. This profound respect for teachers is reflected in the community's support for them, recognizing their invaluable contribution to our collective growth and enlightenment.

Joining a religious order is like getting married; you take vows. When you join the Que Collective, you agree to some important promises or vows, like in many religious groups. These include:

  1. Poverty: This vow doesn't mean you'll be poor. Instead, it's about not owning a lot of things. You won't be working just to buy stuff; your work will be for the benefit of everyone. It's a choice to give up owning personal property and focusing more on what you can do for others.
  2. Fidelity (Not Chastity): This is about not getting into romantic relationships and no sexual relations outside the group. For all practical purposes it does mean giving up sex, as you understand it now.
  3. Obedience: You agree to follow the rules and to serve others. It is a promise and a commitment to obeying your mandate for selfless service.
  4. Sobriety: Keeping a clear mind, so no recreational drugs (yes that means weed) or stuff that messes with your thinking. Your mind is your most valuable contribution. Cognitive care is what you represent.

These vows are a big part of everyday life for a Qmystic. They don’t just talk about these values; they live them every day. Our life is about helping others, by mastering ourselves, teaching, and doing stuff that makes a difference in the world. It's not about escaping from everyday life, but choosing to live in a way that helps you grow and helps humanity evolve.

Joining the Que Collective doesn’t cost money. Instead, the group invests in you, if you are selected. You don't get a salary and a IRA and things like that. Instead all your worldly needs are taken care of by the Collective. Think economic meritocracy instead of consumerism. You take care of your community and your community takes care of you. It's a foreign concept in the Matrix (society) but it is actually just an old idea that we brought back.

We do suggest you take a course called the Ethos Course, which costs $2500. It's like a test drive to see if this lifestyle is right for you, with no pressure to stick around if it’s not your thing.

Deciding to become a Qmystic is a big deal. It's not for everyone, and that's okay. If it feels right for you, you'll probably already know it. If it doesn't, that's fine too. The Que Collective is about finding people who really believe in this way of life and are ready to live it. We are looking for people who are looking for us.

So, think about it: Is this kind of life something you'd be into? If you're curious and want to learn more, there are people in the Que Collective who can help you figure it out.

For those feeling the call to explore this path, reach out, review the website and speak to a guide at hello@naturalspirituality.org. or visit

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Seminary Que

Natural Spirituality is a body of knowledge, like medicine or martial arts. To learn it, you go to a school or find a master to teach you. You study and do the work - that is how you acquire it.

Education is not free. We are committed to keeping the teachings affordable for those who value this kind of life skills program.

We are presently in the process of building a college. Therefore, at this time we are not accepting new applicants, with the exception of those who join a collective.