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Natural Spirituality (1999) stands as a distinct religion, completely unaffiliated with any other religion, denomination, therapy group, psychology, ethnic group, charity, political group, or organization. It is a unique entity, emphasizing a modern understanding of human spirituality and encouraging the development of personal spiritual practices. An adherent of Natural Spirituality is called a Que (plural The Que).

The monastic branch of Natural Spirituality is known as a Collective. Members of a Collective are called Mystics of the Que or Qmystics. Qmystics are part of an agnostic monastic order within the religion of Natural Spirituality. Qmystics, part of an agnostic monastic order, are akin to monks or nuns. They commit to religious vows, living in a Collective, and dedicated their lives to a higher purpose.The Collective is democratic. Members of the collective pool their resources and vote on the use of those resources. Qmystics forego the pursuit of romantic love, wealth, and possessions, instead choosing a lifestyle focused on the ministry of Natural Spirituality. This lifestyle is called a vowed life. Having the personal commitment to live a vowed life is not for everyone. The Collective is for those few who have made a conscious choice to pursue a better life through a higher calling.

Natural Spirituality, free from traditional figures like gods or gurus, centers on conscious learning and growth, not belief. It values skills over opinions. It is similar to learning kung fu - a practical discipline, not a personality cult. Being a Mystic here involves teaching, not religious devotion or ancient rituals. This modern monastic tradition preserves and shares insights on the human spirit for the modern age. Qmystics choose this path to serve the greater purpose of human liberty through a life committed beyond the self.

Traditionally belonging to a religious order means living communally in isolated seclusion in order to pursue religious devotion. This takes on a different meaning with Natural Spirtuality. The Que Collective is a religious order and it require vows of poverty, fidelity, obedience and sobriety from members as any other religious order does. However you don't spend your life shut away in a dim monastry. Our religion gives us a unique mental technology that makes an invaluable contribution to the quality of human life. We don’t sell granola or flowers or beads or beg or do anything like that. Our religion gives us a very unique insight and we leverage our expertise, inventions, science, technology, executive and entrepreneurial talent to create value for our community. We are professional educators with a unique body of knowledge helping people building a foundation for the rest of their lives.


Joining a religious order wouldn't be your first thought as a path to success. Shaving your head, sitting naked, staring at a wall, abandoning possessions - this extreme personal commitment of a monastic life is not for everyone. This is a calling not job.

The Collective

A Qmystic is a person whose vocation is mastering knowledge of The Living Force (think systems theory not anything mystical or supernatural). The Living Force is a structure inherent in all things. Qmystics lead very productive lives furthering human evolution in the fields of scientific research and development, medicine, education, managerial science and more. By living a vowed life they enjoy the financial security of a unique economic structure that takes care of all of their personal needs while enabling the members to enjoy a fairly high quality of life. This commitment frees them of consumerism and those values that distract from the path of evolution. In doing so a Qmystic makes direct contribution to the lives of others, the Collective and ultimately all humanity.