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There is an immaterial part of you that no microscope can find, and one of the core functions of religion is to provide a way to make sense of this. They often revolve around cultural interpretations of the nature of the human experience. Regardless of the term used for the soul, the essential questions remain the same: What is it, how did it come to be, and what is its true nature? Contrary to popular belief, how you interpret this is critical to your quality of life, as the answers to these questions is in fact the true architect of your experience of life. Natural Spirituality is a religion that brings modern sensibility to human spirituality.

The Covenant of Fellowship.

Natural Spirituality has no god to fear, no deity to worship, no guru to follow, no savior to revere, no scripture to obey, no cult-ural component and no his-story or narratives to accept. The teaching is a sacrament for the living not the dead. Natural Spirituality therefore rejects concepts like an afterlife, resurrection, reincarnation, or regeneration. It focuses solely on the present human experience. Natural Spirituality is not something you believe. It is a practice not a faith. You don't do this to go to a better place. No forgiveness is needed because there is no one here to condemn you. You do this practice to live a better life and leave behind a better world. This is a conscious choice that you make to learn a body of knowledge and apply it to your life.

Natural Spirituality is probably best defined as an agnostic spiritual path where Illumination (to remove obstacles to your understanding) is the sacrament, Ascension (to evolve in the field of time) the objective, Elluminatio (by your own efforts) the means, and Ualeo (to be self-correcting) the purpose because we accept that the destination of “that which you refer to as I” is the journey of life.

The Covenant of Fellowship.

Qmystics, members of the Que Collective, are part of an agnostic monastic order within the religion of Natural Spirituality. They commit to a vowed life, contributing to communal welfare and specializing in specific knowledge domains. Qmystics forego personal wealth, instead choosing a lifestyle focused on a higher purpose. Having the personal commitment to live a vowed life is not for everyone. The Collective is for those few who have made a conscious choice to pursue a better life through a higher calling. Natural Spirituality, devoid of traditional religious figures like gods or gurus, is not about belief but a conscious choice for learning and growth. It's a path chosen by those dedicated to serving a greater cause, not a cult, but a commitment to a life beyond the self.

Natural Spirituality stands as a religion, deeply rooted in the principle of transparency. Embracing and practicing this is a transformative journey, one that requires recognition and acceptance of its religious nature. We uphold the authenticity of Natural Spirituality, refraining from altering its identity to please the sensibilities, for mere comfort or appeal. It's crucial for potential adherents of the Que to understand and embrace this truth, recognizing the commitment they are making to a genuine religious path.


No one can tell you if Natural Spirituality is right for you. No one can convert or convince you. It doesn’t work that way. If you believe you can do it then you are right. If you believe you cannot do it, you are also right. Nothing will happen if you don’t learn this. There is no one to condemn you here. This is not a believe or burn kind of thing. Natural Spirituality is a personal choice that you make about owning a unique set of life skills. If it is not for you then nothing will convince you. If it is right for you then you already know it. If you are serious about making a lasting change in your life then what you need to know is how. You have questions. We have answers. All we are offering is an education, nothing more.

The Ethos of Natural Spirituality

Central to its philosophy, Natural Spirituality has a clear absence of supernatural, alien, extra-dimensional, or otherworldly elements, in it's teaching. This is a humanistic and human-centered religion. This non-supernatural approach is grounded in a framework of rational precepts, all derived from observable phenomena and systematically organized into models. It's a religion based on easily observable, rational principles accessible to anyone.

The Church of Natural Spirituality, upholding this ethos, possesses no ethical authority and maintains neutrality in political matters, holding no official stances or opinions. In essence, Natural Spirituality is a personal spiritual practice. What the religion does is show you how to do this for yourself. We are educators helping people who choose to learn a modern way of understanding human spirituality to build a personal spiritual practice.

Natural Spirituality (1999) stands as a distinct religion, completely unaffiliated with any other religion, denomination, therapy group, psychology, ethnic group, charity, political group, or organization. It is a unique entity, emphasizing a modern understanding of human spirituality and encouraging the development of personal spiritual practices.